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Aligned to TEKS standards for foundational and advanced computer science education, CoderZ provides K-12 students with hands-on learning experiences in a gamified environment. There's never been a better time to consider CoderZ as your partner for a turn-key CS solution. Texas educators who sign up before end of June can get a  jumpstart next year with free access over the summer. 

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CoderZ and
TEKS for
Technology Applications

With new changes to TEKS for the 2024-2025 school year, we are excited to share our new courses built especially for Texas students in Grades 3-8.  

CoderZ's computer science curriculum is a complete turn-key solution designed to help increase equitable access to STEK learning opportunities. With full alignment to the revised TEKS for Technology Applications and robust teacher support for interdisciplinary lessons, these courses make it easy for educators to integrate computer science into core subject learning. Students love the game-based learning environment. Available in English and Spanish, CoderZ's scaffolded lessons are engaging, fun, effective for students of all backgrounds and abilities. 

TEKS Aligned Computer Science Courses 


Grade 4: Adventure, Achievers


 Grade 3: Adventure, Trailblazers


Grade  5: Code Farm, Breaking Ground


 Grade 6: Code Farm, Growing Season


 Grade 7: Airport, Take Off


Grade 8: Airport, Soaring Wings

Computer Science Resources for Texas Educators 

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Webinar: Empower Texas Educators

Join Elizabeth Bacon, Director of Pedagogy with CoderZ, for an informative discussion about how to navigate TEKS for computer science and academic readiness. 

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Building a Diverse Pipeline for STEM Careers in Texas

Jackie Moreno, former curriculum director for Galena ISD, shares her story about building a successful computer science program for students in elementary through middle school. 


Brochure: How CoderZ is Built for Texas

Download this brochure to share the benefits of  real-world, TEKS aligned, and gamified computer science curriculum with your collleagues. 

Why Texas Educators Love CoderZ!


CoderZ can help 100% of Texas districts provide educators with the platform, tools, and resources they need to teach computer science, including: 

  • Courses aligned to TEKS for Technology Applications
  • Support for building CTE pathways from Grade 3-12+
  • Courses in Spanish with robust learning supports for emergent bilingual students.


CoderZ makes it easy for schools to implement courses at every grade level with lessons aligned to standards for math, ELAR, and Science, and our: 

  • Extensive library of teacher resources
  • Embedded lesson plans
  • Single-sign-on integrations for easy student access 


Many teachers may not have had formal CS training, which makes curriculum designed by teachers who are experts in CS crucial.  Teachers are supported with: 

  • On demand and live professional development
  • Gamified activities and assessments 
  • Easy to view assessment results and grading features 

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About CoderZ

Who are we?

CoderZ is an engaging, online learning platform that makes it easy for anyone to teach computer science and prepare students for the future.

What do we do?

CoderZ engages students in coding, computational thinking, and robotics, as well as skills like creativity, collaboration, and design thinking.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to make high-quality computer science programs accessible to ALL students, so every kid can realize their full potential.